Pack of Two Trims TR721

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Weight24 oz
Dimensions81 × 1.65 in


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This product is one of the many designs available on our website for you to choose from. 


These trims are heat-bendable, so you can adhere them to any surface using wood glue. Simply heat them with a hairdryer or a heat gun, and they will become bendable and flexible. Then apply them according to their unique shape onto any object. The bendy wood will follow the shape of your object, and once you’ve glued it in place, just heat it again and press it down for better adherence.


This heat-bendable decorative wood trim can be painted, stained and drilled, and sanded like wood according to your preference and liking.


Available in 81 × 1.65 inches size.

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The WoodUbend story started back in 2018, when SollyJo came across a new manufacturing process and realised the potential for what it offered.  Since then, the design range has been expanded enormously, and has become the centrepiece of a new company that we named WoodUbend.

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