Posh Chalk Precious Pigments PCP0203 – Platinum Gold

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Posh Chalk Precious Pigments PCP0203 – Platinum Gold

Posh Chalk Pigments offer a vibrant and high-quality array of pigment powders in a rainbow of captivating colors, each contained in 30ml pots.

In addition to our vibrant Posh Chalk Pigment collection – we would like to offer you a selection of our Precious Pigments. The Precious range of Pigments are extra special. They come in a powder form to give you the greatest possible flexibility in terms of mixing. The Precious Pigments are less ‘metallic ‘than the original Posh Chalk pigments.These pigments are extremely fine, sowill mix into a perfectly smooth paste.Our powdered pigments must be mixed with a clear liquid top coat to form a liquid solution. Our recommendation for the optimal mixing experience is the Posh Chalk Deluxe Infusor.

The powder form gives you exceptional flexibility,allowing you to choose how much to use based on your project news. For a subtle wash, mix just a small amount with Infusor. For full coverage just add a bit more pigment powder. You can even opt for sprinkling techniques! See how versatile these powders are by blending different pigments together to craft entirely new colors. Posh Chalk pigments provide exceptional coverage due to the high concentration of quality pigments. A little goes a long way!.

To get ready for your pigment application,
you’ll need a small scoop or spoon. Popsicle
sticks work too! A pipette is recommended
to add the Infusor. These tools provide more
precise control over how much Infusor you

Just add the desired amount of pigment to
your plate or bowl (WoodUbend MDF
backing boards make great mixing boards!)
Then add drops of Infusor and stir well until
you have the consistency that you want.

To find out more about the application
process, explore our educational video on
utilizing Posh Chalk
pigments: DIY Pumpkin Decoration with Posh Chalk Metallic Pigments (LIVE) (youtube.com)