Posh Chalk Patina PC0305 – Pale Gold 30ml

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Woodubend Posh Chalk Patinas are a set of high-quality oil-based gilding waxes, exuding a subtle almond fragrance. Available in six distinctive shades, each patina is packaged in a 30 ml pot.

The Posh Chalk Patinas offer a spectrum of “cooler” tones, ideal for achieving a vintage, metallic, distressed appearance. Using WoodUbend alongside our Patinas allows for an incredible vintage metal effect, perfect for projects like crafting picture frames.

The Patinas are ideal for providing depth and shadow effects. Posh Chalk Patinas have a thick, cream-like texture that maintains its form on the brush, enabling precise application. These Patinas can be mixed to create unique hues and blended for shading – all to help you create your very own bespoke masterpiece.

Posh Chalk Patinas are oil-based and are heavily pigmented.  Our extending wax  mixes easily with the Patinas to increase workability and allows you to spread them more easily and lighten them in color. 

No additional sealing is required for our Patinas, although they may take up to 30 days to completely cure. As part of the Posh Chalk coatings range, our Patinas are user-friendly, emphasizing simplicity in crafting. For a comprehensive visual guide, explore this video showcasing the versatility of Posh Chalk Patinas: