Pack of Two Pediments WUB2168 10.5x3.4cms

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Weight11 oz
Dimensions4.13 × 1.34 in


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This pediment design is one of the many designs available on our website for you to choose from.


The perfect DIY product for any person wanting to make an upgrade to their house. With Pack of Two Pediments, adding a new design to your house will be easy. Easy to use, this wood pediment is a unique product that you won’t find anywhere else.


You need to heat the wood pediment with a heat gun or hairdryer and adhere it to the surface using wood glue. Heat the wood pediment after applying it, so it sets in place perfectly. 


Do not heat the product before bending because that would make it break!


The size of this wood pediment is 4.13 × 1.34 inches