Intriguing Pack of Two Wood Trims TR801 Curated by Jonathon Marc Mendes

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Weight3.53 oz
Dimensions84.65 × 0.2 in


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This mosaic-inspired decorative Wood Trims embodies unparalleled versatility. The 0018(IE) wood trim, despite its width, boasts a slender construction, ensuring swift heat application. Its unique design, wide yet thin, brings about a remarkable reduction in heating durations, making it a time-efficient choice for crafting and design projects. This innovative feature allows for quicker readiness, enabling more efficient customization and application onto various surfaces.

This adaptable decorative trim draws inspiration from mosaic motifs, showcasing exceptional flexibility. Despite its width, the 0018(IE) trim maintains a sleek form, considerably shortening heating durations. Personalize it by delicately trimming around the mosaic design to match your preferences or use dry brushing with Posh Chalk Pigments to highlight the intricate patterns. Perfect for interior design, it serves as an ideal wall trim or elevates the appeal of refurbished furniture projects.

When at lower temperatures, the 0118(IE) decorative trim embodies all wood-like qualities. It’s receptive to sanding, staining, distressing, painting, and adhering to nearly any surface. But when exposed to heat, its characteristics shift, becoming supple and enabling bending, craft knife trimming, and even stretching.

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