Ornate Pediment - Woodubend Design WUB1259 57x15cm

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Weight48 oz
Dimensions22.44 × 5.91 × 0.02 in


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Large enough for architectural use or perhaps a headboard, this beautifully ornate woodubend pediment will take your decor to the bespoke level.  WoodUbend embellishments can be sanded and drilled – but can most easily be applied with a good quality wood glue  Heat with a heat gun to make the applique flexible for curved surfaces.  All items on this website are the high quality original woodubend brand. Shipped on an mdf backboard to prevent breakage.

About WoodUbend

The WoodUbend story started back in 2018, when SollyJo came across a new manufacturing process and realised the potential for what it offered.  Since then, the design range has been expanded enormously, and has become the centrepiece of a new company that we named WoodUbend.

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