Pack of Two Applique Medium Floral Centrepieces WUB2109

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Weight14 oz
Dimensions10.24 × 5.12 × 0.28 in


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Discover the unparalleled creativity of  Decorative centrepieces Wood Molding with this exclusive set of two square WoodUbend appliques, each measuring almost 4 square inches. Crafted meticulously to offer unparalleled versatility, these appliques are a perfect addition to your crafting endeavors, ideal for book upcycling, or adding an exquisite touch as a hardware backplate.

These WoodUbend appliques exhibit intricate designs and diverse detailing, making them the perfect choice for embellishing various crafting projects. With meticulous attention to detail, they offer a unique blend of functionality and artistic flair.

The exclusive nature of these appliques adds a touch of rarity to your crafting arsenal. Each design embodies exceptional quality, catering to those who seek distinctiveness in their creations. Whether you’re an artisan, a crafting enthusiast, or a furniture upcycler, these appliques offer endless possibilities.

At WoodUbend, we understand the importance of versatility. These appliques can effortlessly adorn furniture, breathe new life into old books, or serve as decorative backplates for hardware. They represent the epitome of creativity and artistic expression, allowing you to explore unbounded crafting potential.

What is wood molding called? Is often referred to as “trim,” “moulding,” or “millwork.” These terms encompass various types of wooden materials, typically decorative, used to enhance or finish architectural elements, furniture, or other surfaces.

WoodUbend Bendable Wood Mouldings

Our latest WoodUbend bendable wood trims & wood appliques, manufactured with an elevated compression rate, ensure precise, sharper contours and consistent quality across all moldings. The updated packaging, featuring an MDF insert, amplifies the protection of moldings during transit, presenting a sustainable, reusable solution. It’s versatile, serving as an ideal aid for paint blending, safeguarding surfaces during molding cutting or heating, or as a standalone crafting material.

At room temperature, WoodUbend moldings possess typical wood properties: sanding, staining, sawing, distressing, painting, drilling, nailing, and more. But when exposed to heat, these moldings transform into a pliable, flexible state, allowing effortless shaping and application to any intricate surface. In their warm state, they become easy to cut and affix onto your projects.

The application of heat, whether using a heat gun, hairdryer, or griddle, is both simple and enjoyable! Heating ensures a robust bond between the molding and the target surface, necessitating the use of high-quality wood glue for application. Additionally, reheating enables the removal and repositioning of the molding, even after several hours or days post-initial application.

WoodUbend Square Appliques epitomize craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity. Their versatility, coupled with their unique design and limited availability, sets them apart as an essential tool for the modern artisan, amplifying the possibilities and inspiring creative excellence.

At the heart of each design lies the essence of WoodUbend – where innovation and craftsmanship meet to redefine creative possibilities. Discover the world of Molding with these appliques, offering not just a product, but a gateway to endless artistic journeys.

WoodUbend products perfectly complement Posh Chalk coatings and Decoupage papers, bringing color, creativity, and sophistication to your projects. Explore our selection of top-notch, reusable Stencils and handcrafted Brushes for further creative possibilities

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and designs. WoodUbend moldings offer a lot of creative freedom, so let your imagination guide you! Enjoy the process and embrace the versatility these bendable wood trims offer!